Republican Nominees – 2014

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New Mexico is inching towards the 2014 Midterm Elections. The New Mexico GOP has come out with this press release on all of their upcoming races.


Republican Nominees – 2014

Leadersahip we can rely on!

Please use the Candidate information below to familiarize yourself with our republican races around the state. feel free to contact candidates with any inquiry. RPNM encourages volunteers – reach out to candidates’ campaigns and help them to victory!

Information aslo found on RPNM website:

  Please use the Candidate information below to familiarize yourself with our republican races around the state. feel free to contact candidates with any inquiry. RPNM encourages volunteers – reach out to candidates’ campaigns and help them to victory!  Information aslo found on RPNM website:   U.S. Senate
  • Allen Weh is a successful businessman and decorated veteran.      Pledge: “Common-sense leader, will improve the economy, create jobs, stop wasteful spending, fix healthcare, and strengthen national defense.” —- Website

U.S. Congressional D-1

  • Mike Frese is a small business owner and M.I.T. Graduate. He has New Mexican roots and has lived in several different areas in his Congressional District.      Pledge: “More freedom, more jobs.” —- Website

U.S. Congressional D-2

  • Steve Pearce is a successful business owner and former Air Force Captain. He sits on the House Committee on Financial Services, and is Chairman of the Congressional Western Caucus.      Pledge: “Create jobs and economic opportunity, put money back into people’s pockets, smaller and more efficient government, healthcare reform, honor and protect America’s heroes, economic development using technology.” —- Website

U.S. Congressional D-3

  • Jeff Byrd is an Agricultural Engineer with a degree from New Mexico State University. He was born and raised in Springer, NM, on his family ranch near Mosquero.      Pledge: “Create new jobs, protect labs and bases, real immigration reform, keep taxes low, balance budget. Protect life and gun rights.” —- Website


  • Susana Martinez is the current Governor and a former District Attorney. She proposed the “Katie’s Law” legislation. As Governor, she sold the jet purchased under Richardson’s administration. Martinez comes from a hard-working middle class family.      Pledge: “reduce taxes, fiscal responsibility, promote friendly business environment to create jobs.” —- Website

Lieutenant Governor

  • John Sanchez is the current Lieutenant Governor and is seeking re-election here in his native New Mexico. His work, as our Lt. Governor, has taken him thousands of miles across the Land of Enchantment. As Lt. Governor, he has demonstrated the work ethic and the positive energy required of leaders in challenging times. His foundational values as a successful family man and small business owner have well served the citizens of New Mexico.      Pledge: “My vision for New Mexico, is the same one that I have had for my family and for my business – hard work: reaching difficult goals and over performing on the basic values of integrity, trust, faith, and service. I respectfully ask for your vote.”

Secretary of State

  • Dianna Duran is the current Secretary of State, a former State Senator, and the former Otero County Clerk. She is currently developing a new in-house election system, which will utilize technology in voting practices.      Pledge: Continue to restore integrity, confidence and trust, protect New Mexico’s voters and make us proud again of the Office of Secretary of State. —- Website

Attorney General

  • Susan Riedel has been a Chief Deputy District Attorney in Las Cruces for 14 years. She has a law degree from Georgetown University Law Center, and is credited for many successful prosecutions in infamous New Mexico cases, such as “Baby Brianna” and Carly Martinez. Riedel went on to become a District Judge, presiding over domestic relations and criminal cases.      Pledge: “New Mexico needs a prosecutor in the Attorney General’s Office” —- Website


  • Robert Aragon was born and raised in Albuquerque. He was a member of the City of Albuquerque Chamber Revision Task Force, Vice Chair 1989 and served on the Transition Team for Mayor of Albuquerque, and also on Transition Teams for Governors of both political parties. He served on the Bernalillo County Tax Protest Board in 1995. Robert served in the New Mexico House of Representatives from 1979-1983 and again from1985-1987. Robert has been a Member of the New Mexico Board of Finance from 2011 to present.      Pledge: Ensure that every agency’s financial affairs are properly investigated in order to keep New Mexico’s businesses and organizations financially responsible. —- More

Public Lands Commissioner

  • Aubrey Dunn was the CEO/President of First Federal Bank of New Mexico, Vice Chairman of Collation of Conservation Districts, and Chairman of the Chaves County Soil and Water Conservation District. He was elected to serve on the Board of Farm Credit of New Mexico and has an Animal Science degree from Colorado State University. Dunn was raised on a small apple farm in High Rolls, near Cloudcroft, NM.      Pledge: “Ethical leadership—integrity and accountability” —- Website


  • Rick Lopez is a lifelong New Mexican with an extensive background in finance.      Pledge: “Increase transparency and efficiency in the State Treasurer’s Office, conservative values and commitment to service, strong pro-family values, have always supported the Republican Party at the County, State and National Levels.” —- Website


State Districted: Public Education Commission

  • Millie Pogna        District 2 — — Pogna won the election to represent District 2 in the Public Education Department in 2010.      Pledge: To responsibly and attentively see to the matters of her district and act as advisory to the Secretary of Education. Also, to properly authorize for all state charter schools in district 2.

Public Regulation Commission

  • Pat Lyons        District 2 — — Lyons is a former State Senator serving on the New Mexico Senate Finance Committee, Senate Conservation Committee, Legislative Finance Committee, and Water and Natural Resources Committee. He is responsible for revenue generation through the management of more than 13 million acres held in trust for the state’s 22 beneficiaries. Lyons is a managing rancher/farmer, active in New Mexico Cattle Growers Association, and a lifetime New Mexico resident. —- More
  • Ben Hall        District 5 — — Hall is a Two-term Lincoln County Commissioner and three-term NM State Representative. He is a retired General Building Contractor (40 years), Ruidoso native, and New Mexico Western University Graduate.      Pledge: “an elected official from the Governor on down has the obligation to give his or her individual attention to all matters that come before them in their elected office.” —- Website


House of Representatives By District


Judicial By District and Division Court of Appeals

2nd Judicial District

5th Judicial District

9th Judicial District

12th Judicial District

13th Judicial District


The information contained in this email has been collected from multiple venues. Every effort has been made to include information on each candidate; however, should there be a need to add or correct something please contact the state Republican party


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