Poll: Maggie Toulouse Oliver leads Dianna Duran by 3 in very tight battle for Secretary of State

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A new poll in the Secretary of State’s race shows Bernalillo County Clerk Maggie Toulouse Oliver ahead of Republican Dianna Duran among decided and undecided voters in the mid-August survey.

Duran Oliver

The Democrat, Toulouse Oliver, is challenging incumbent Republican Duran in a tight race to take back the office of Secretary of State.  The poll showed Maggie Toulouse Oliver leading Duran 47-44 among all likely voters surveyed.

If these numbers hold, this race could be the most hotly contested statewide this election cycle.

Dianna Duran has come under fire for her efforts to investigate Hispanic voters for fraud and purge active voters from the registered voter rolls.

…Duran thinks everyone has a memory so short as to forget about her bumbling performance during the last year, in which she involved state police in her half-baked investigation of voter fraud.

Duran’s own words, uttered so recklessly in front of so many, got her in trouble and kept her there…

Duran can run from her comments and often does. But she cannot hide from her record, try as she might.

New Mexico Capitol Report, 2011


Her campaign has also drawn national fire, from Democrats and Republicans alike, after we reported that volunteers were painting over the word “Republican” on her campaign signs.

The NM Telegram first reported the polling memo which was provided to them by a supporter of Oliver and confirmed by her campaign.

The polling memo is encouraging for MTO.  It points out that her favorable ratings higher than that of the Republican incumbent but she lagged behind the Republican in name ID statewide.  If Toulouse Oliver can extend her name ID outside of the Albuquerque area, her lead could increase.

All of this, of course, explains incumbent Dianna Duran’s very public campaign to prevent extra voters in Bernalillo and Santa Fe Counties from turning out in November to vote for Marijuana decriminalization.  Democrats far outnumber Republicans in Santa Fe County and turning out more voters from Bernalillo County will likely help MTO who has served as county clerk there for 8 years.

The two are scheduled to face off tonight at a forum hosted by the League of Women Voters of Santa Fe County.  You can bet marijuana, voter ID and voter suppression will all be on the agenda.

Read the full report from NM Telegram. Seriously, read it. The extra analysis is worth it.