Southern New Mexico Ballot Question Asks if Sierra, Dona Ana County is Ready for Transit

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From Alliance for a Better New Mexico, a community campaign in Southern New Mexico:

Dear Doña Ana and Sierra County Voter,
We need to vote FOR the small GRT tax increase for regional transit.


A well-integrated transit system will unite our region, get people to work and school, and be a platform for residents to be more independent and autonomous. Hundreds of people will travel the system every day to work, school, medical appointments, and grocery stores and pharmacies. We will be a modern community with real support for the people who live here.
Last year the Las Cruces bus system had a ridership of almost 800,000. Imagine what it would be with extended hours and service. Imagine special buses for area wine festivals. Imagine a shuttle bus from NMSU along El Paseo to downtown. Imagine the elderly and people with disabilities living more independently. All of this at a cost of less than 10 cents a day for the average family.
The no-tax people will be out in opposition, so it’s up to us to get this initiative passed.
Please forward this to your friends and families, and let them know you’re voting FOR regional transit on November 4th.
It’s something good we can do for our community.

Alliance for a Better New Mexico

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(If you need more information about regional transit in Southern New Mexico, go to the South Central Regional Transit District website.)