Go to the polls!

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This is it!


Election Day is finally here.  


Need a reason to vote?  Here’s a few:


Less than 200 votes separate Democrats from Republicans in early vote turnout in at least 2 key house districts.  6 others are within just 300 votes going in to Election Day. Republicans began the year boasting that they would pick up three seats to take over control of the State House. Go vote.


The race for Secretary of State is tied.  Dianna Duran’s quixotic quest to find massive voter fraud and purge legal voters has cost taxpayers big bucks and good voters massive headaches.   Maggie Toulouse Oliver is fighting back in a race that pundits say is so close it could lead to a statewide recount.  Go vote.  Take a friend.


Marijuana decriminalization is on the ballot in Bernalillo and Santa Fe Counties. Elected leaders saying they will take direction from voters on this important issue. Bernalillo County voters get to weigh in on mental health issues, too. Questions are at the end of your ballot – don’t forget. Go vote.

Bernalillo and Santa Fe Counties
[Vote FOR Marijuana Decriminalization]

Bernalillo County Only
[Yes! for Mental Health Solutions] 


Sierra and Dona Ana County voters have a ballot question, too.  They get to decide if Southern New Mexico deserves a new integrated transit system to help connect people to work and events in their own communities. Go vote.

Sierra and Dona Ana County
[Southern Regional Transit District Initiative] 

The race for Tom Udall’s US Senate seat has tightened to single-digits and Susana Martinez is counting on low voter turnout sending her back to the governor’s mansion.  Go vote.


Need a little backup?  Our progressive voter guide shows you which candidates on your ballot received endorsements from issue groups you trust most.  Who is (and who isn’t!) a progressive champion for New Mexico?  Find out here before you go vote.



* On Election Night, don’t forget to join us to watch the returns at our Eleciton Night Party:  Tractor Brewing, 1800 4th St NW, Albuquerque. More info and RSVP here.