White House official: Martinez should donate money taken from domestic violence offender

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The drum beat for Gov. Martinez to distance herself from a disgraced major Republican donor got significantly louder today when a former White House domestic violence advisor weighed in supporting State Senators and victims of domestic violence who have called for Martinez to donate more than $120,000 in campaign donations she solicited from a convicted domestic violence offender.

The White House, courtesy whitehouse.gov

Texas’ governor and lieutenant governor last month donated more than $700,000 they had received from the same donor to Texas domestic violence shelters.

Martinez raised more than $8,000,000 for her 2014 bid for reelection.  She reported almost $250,000 cash remaining in her gubernatorial account in December.  Martinez is term-limited and cannot seek a third term.   She is currently in Florida for a meeting of the Republican Governor’s Association and a Koch brothers’ event.

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Senate Democrats issued this statement today:

Top White House Advisor on Domestic Violence Says Governor Susana Martinez
Should Donate Campaign Contributions from Perpetrator
Santa Fe, NM – The advisor to the White House on violence against women, Lynn Rosenthal, today said Governor Susana Martinez should donate more than $120,000 in campaign donations she received from abuser Marcus Hiles, a top donor to Martinez’s 2014 re-election campaign, in order to send a message to perpetrators of domestic violence.  Rosenthal has served as the White House Advisor on Violence Against Women since 2009, assisting the President and Vice President on policies to stop domestic violence.  She previously served as director of the New Mexico Coalition Against Domestic Violence. Gov. Martinez has been sharply criticized of late by advocates for women and families in New Mexico for keeping the funds.
“We all have a responsibility to send a strong message to domestic violence perpetrators that their behavior is not acceptable.  Shunning their financial support makes that statement.  The Governor could demonstrate her commitment by donating the amount of Marcus Hiles’ campaign contributions to NM’s domestic violence shelters,” said Lynn Rosenthal.
Gov. Martinez’s response to the recent news of Marcus Hiles’ 2013 conviction for domestic violence stands in stark contrast to that of Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Lt. Governor Dan Patrick.  They announced last month that they are donating a combined $702,600 — the amount the Texas developer Marcus Hiles gave to their 2014 campaign — to services for abuse victims throughout Texas.
Gov. Martinez is in Washington D.C. today attending a conference of business CEOs.