It’s competence vs. crazy in the 2016 SOS race

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And the choice couldn't be clearer...

Nora Espinoza (R-Roswell) is running for Secretary of State.

You read that right.

The same woman who wants to legalize discrimination, ban Mexican-American history books in public schools, and let ALEC write New Mexico’s laws now wants to occupy one of the most important public offices in New Mexico.

(She’s also the chair of the House Education Committee where she has a history of silencing dissent or discussion of opposing views in her committee.)

It’s impossible to think that someone who’s expressed so much close-minded extremism over the years could possibly represent the office well and execute it with the fairness and equality the office demands.

And Espinoza’s campaign has already gotten off to an inauspicious start: an ethics complaint was filed against Espinoza on Monday in response to Espinoza’s publicly funded legislative website being used to campaign for that very office.

Espinoza repeatedly directed listeners of a call-in radio show to utilize her official legislative site to sign campaign petitions so she can get on the ballot, a direct violation of campaign rules. That seems like something a potential candidate for Secretary of State ought to know, que no?

After the embarrassing saga of Dianna Duran destroyed public trust in the office New Mexicans deserve a Secretary of State with a wealth of experience, competence, and integrity.

Luckily, there’s already a candidate who fits that bill: Maggie Toulouse Oliver.

Ms. Oliver, the Bernalillo County Clerk since 2007, announced she would seek the office again in 2016 (she was defeated by Dianna Duran during the last election).

She’s been a true champion for protecting and expanding the right to vote, ethics reform, transparency and accountability for years.

[UPDATE: Former Secretary of State, Rebecca Vigil, has also indicated that she will seek the office. You can read more about that here.]

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