Find Your Legislator

New Mexico needs progressive leaders now more than ever. These legislative seats are the most contested in 2018.  See how you can help elect progressive champions.

House District 15
Los Ranchos de Albuquerque, North Valley

Open Seat
Democrat: Dayan “Day” Hochman-Vigil
Republican: Brad Winter
Progressive Strategy: Reclaim this former democratic seat by voting for Champion Day Hochman



House District 23
Corrales, Northern Rio Rancho, Western Albuquerque

Incumbent: Democrat Damon Ely
Challenger: Republican Brenda Boatman
Progressive Strategy: Re-elect Champion Rep. Damon Ely



House District 24
Albuquerque’s Northeast Heights

Incumbent: Democrat Elizabeth “Liz” Thomson
Challenger: Republican Trey Morris
Progressive Strategy: Re-elect Champion Rep. Liz Thomson

House District 29
Rio Rancho, Paradise Hills

Incumbent: Republican David Adkins
Challenger: Democrat Joy Garratt
Progressive Strategy: Flip the district by electing Champion Joy Garratt



House District 30
Albuquerque’s Northeast Heights

Open Seat
Democrat: Natalie Figueroa
Republican: John Jones
Progressive Strategy: Flip this former Republican seat by electing Champion Natalie Figueroa



House District 37
Las Cruces’ Roadrunner neighborhood, East Mesa 

Incumbent: Democrat Joanne Ferrary
Challenger:  Republican: John Jones
Progressive Strategy: Reelect Champion Joanne Ferrary




House District 39
Downtown Silver City, Bayard, Hillsboro, Doña Ana, Northwest Las Cruces 

Incumbent: Democrat Rudolpho “Rudy” Martinez
Challenger: Republican Lee Cotter
Progressive Strategy: Reelect Champion Rudy Martinez

House District 53
Chaparral, Organ, White Sands Missle Range, Holloman Airforce Base

Incumbent: Republican Ricky Little
Challenger: Democrat Willy Madrid
Progressive Strategy: Flip this Republican seat by electing Champion Willy Madrid