El Paso shooting one year anniversary: 23 lives lost because of Racism

If you find yourself in El Paso, driving down I-10 from either direction, you can’t miss it—a 30-foot tall golden obelisk called the “Grand Candela” standing in the Walmart parking lot memorializing last years’ tragedy on the border. 23 lives lost. Children as young as 2 months old, to older folx, some of whom walked over from Ciudad Juarez for their weekly grocery shopping. No one ever saw it coming. Even with an entire year’s passing, it weighs on our hearts. 

Three states, two countries, El Paso, Las Cruces and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico have always existed as one.

Ad Wars Expand to Southern New Mexico with New TV Spots




With ads heating up, independent polls have been gauging which candidate for the United States Senate race resonates most with New Mexican voters.  One recent poll found that Albuquerque-based ads regarding Wilson and her support to pardon oil companies from polluting New Mexico’s drinking water have already “voters to adopt a more negative perception of GOP nominee Heather Wilson.” This week we learn that another of the environmental groups behind the ads is expanding their efforts with the purchase of ad time in the El Paso media market covering Southern New Mexico. Two new ads, “Who’s Wilson With?” and “We’re All Paying For It,” airing now in connection with multiple mail pieces and online advertising supporting Martin Heinrich for U.S. senate, it is easy to see that the unfavorable view that New Mexico voters hold for Wilson will only continue to grow. Despite out spending Democrat Martin Heinrich, Wilson has fallen behind in the race polls with 45, while Heinrich leads with 49 percent. Coupled with the growing reservations about Wilson and drop in favorability, New Mexican voters are revealing that their support for Wilson is quickly declining.