ALEC Exposed: Names of NM Elected Officials LEAKED

Some elected officials hold town halls to listen to constituents. Some send out surveys and others hold gatherings at parks or churches. 

In New Mexico, however, some elected officials and community leaders choose to get their marching orders from corporations with extreme Right Wing agendas. 

Enter ALEC: The American Legislative Exchange Council. If you haven’t heard of this group before, you may have seen some of their policies either at the Roundhouse here in New Mexico or at the national level. They’re a Washington-D.C.-based, corporate-sponsored “think tank” that basically believes our society should be run like Gilead- see Handmaid’s Tale for reference, or, click here for a list of their bills. (Spoiler alert: abortion bans, “Right-to-Work” laws, privatization of public schools, voter suppression, climate change denial, etc.)

A couple of weeks ago, ALEC held their conference in Austin, Texas.

Just Vote



The best defense to voter intimidation is an educated voter. On Monday October 22, a coalition of organizations and individuals will run ads in New Mexico’s three largest newspapers giving voters the real facts on voting in New Mexico.  Armed with the facts, voters will have the confidence to vote without concern of being turned away by misinformed challengers. You can help us run this ad.  Donate to help us keep these partisan groups like True The Vote in check and empower New Mexico’s voters.