BLM wants more comments on Methane Waste Rule

(News Release) The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has extended the public comment period for the recently proposed Methane and Waste Prevention Rule until April 22, 2016. This rule would update 30-year-old regulations to reduce the wasteful release of natural gas into the atmosphere from oil and gas operations on public and American Indian lands. The comment period was extended because of public request. After receiving multiple communications from the public requesting an extension of the comment period or opposing such an extension, the BLM is extending the comment period from the original April 8 deadline. The public will now have an additional 14 days, until to April 22, 2016, to review and comment on the draft rule.

What is “Preemption” and Why is Nate Gentry Obsessed With It?

1. the purchase of goods or shares by one person or party before the opportunity is offered to others. 2. the action of preempting or forestalling, especially of making a preemptive attack.  

You may have heard the word “preemption” floating around the world of New Mexico politics lately like an annoying gnat you can’t quite see but won’t seem to leave you alone.

Pain at the Pump

New Radio Ad: While New Mexicans suffer at the pump, oil and gas industry gets huge tax breaks

This week, Progress Now New Mexico Education Fund Launched a radio ad calling attention to the $4 billion in tax breaks the oil and gas industry enjoys despite making $137 billion in profits last year alone.  

The ad, which can be heard by clicking the play button to the left, contrasts the pain New Mexicans are feeling at the pump with the outrageous tax benefits and profits oil companies are enjoying.  

“So many New Mexicans are feeling the pain at the pump,” said Progress Now New Mexico Executive Director Pat Davis. “It’s outrageous to learn that big oil companies are not only making $137 billion in profits they are also getting $4 billion in tax breaks.”  

The ad, “Pain at the Pump,” also calls attention to Representative Steve Pearce, who has voted eight times since February of 2011 to preserve these oil company tax breaks.