VIDEO: NM GOP Trains Poll Workers to Suppress Votes

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VIDEO: GOP Caught Training Poll Challengers in Illegal Voter Suppression Tactics
Republican trainees could compromise integrity of November election
Update (10/9/12):  New Mexico Attorney General Gary King launched an investigation into these tactics after our video and report were shared with his office.  Read his official statement online. UPDATE (10/5/2012): We spoke with representatives from Adelante Development Center today who informed us that 1) Adelante did not sponsor the trainings 2) Adelante does not endorse the actions taken by the Republican Party during the trainings and 3) Adelante was not aware the Republican Party and Tea Party were publicizing their poll challenger trainings as being held at Adelante (Adelante simply rents space at their properties to a variety of organizations). The Adelante representatives we spoke to told us they would be contacting the Republican Party and Tea Party representatives to make sure the Adelante name is not associated with any further trainings. Update (10:04am MT): New Mexico Congressman Steve Pearce tells The Nation that he was aware of the training and supports it, even though he knows some tactics are illegal.  Also says this is the way the GOP will take back New Mexico.