Where’s David Doyle?!

The State Representative, and State Senate hopeful, for Corrales, has disappeared.  

David Doyle, candidate for state senate to represent the Corrales area in New Mexico has a problem with addresses.   For years Doyle has been voting from an address where he doesn’t live, and ProgressNow New Mexico has discovered that Doyle recently moved out of the district he is seeking to represent all together.  The law (NMSA 1-1-7.1) requires that candidates may run for office at a location where they are registered to vote, “…provided the person resides on the premises.”  

First, David Doyle’s address problems.


In 2008, Doyle registered to vote in Sandoval County, listing the “physical address where you live now” as 498 Applewood Rd, Corrales.   He stated that he received mail down the road at 345 Applewood and property tax records confirmed that Doyle and his wife owned both properties.  However, deeds show that Doyle sold the house in 2008 when he and his wife took out a $2,100,000 mortgage on the new home he built at 345.  Doyle never updated his voter registration to his new address when he moved to 345 Applewood Road.  

In 2012, Doyle filed his official Declaration of Candidacy for the State Senate race with the Secretary of State stating “I reside at 345 Applewood Rd., Corrales, NM 87048, as shown on my certificate of registration as a voter…”  Turns out, that’s not true.  His voter registration card shows him physically residing at 498.