Together At Last: Martinez, Trump to Share Stage in NYC

  Gov. Martinez is taking the stage with Donald Trump and the other remaining GOP presidential candidates at a Republican fundraiser ahead of next week’s NY primary. The Democrtaic Governor’s Association has a great take we couldn’t help but share… The cost to see New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez & Donald Trump together in Manhattan tonight: $1,000. The irony of Trump and Martinez sharing the stage: Priceless. Awkwardness is bound to ensue tonight, as Martinez and Trump share a stage at a New York Republican Party fundraising dinner.

INSPIRING ACTION | Progressive Quotes of the Day

Politics can too often seem like nothing more than a deluge of gossip, posturing, backroom movidas, and esoteric policy prescriptions. It used to be something more (and certainly can be again). Politics is supposed to be the highest expression of a citizenry’s ideals, played out among equals in a civil space of discourse and debate. To that end, we are launching a new daily series across our online platforms to highlight the progressive ideals many of us are striving toward (but which are too often subsumed by the day-to-day palaver of our modern political systems). This series will (mostly) take the form of inspirational quotes.

Watch: Republican business leader says, ‘Why I’m not voting for Susana Martinez, and you shouldn’t either’

There is no question George Lovato, Jr. is a successful small businessman. In the early 1980s, Lovato founded Rent Rite Car Rental Systems Inc., the eighth-largest car rental company in the country, and replicated that success in the 1990s with a large audiobook company. Now he manages BH Capitol, LLC helping other small businesses grow. He also hosts a popular online video series for small businesses with more than 3 million views online.  His viewers know him as a conservative Republican, too.

Top 10 Xenophobic Moments from New Mexico’s right-wing leaders

It seems like conservatives always need to wage a war on someone somewhere. Whether that’s their longstanding war on women or their new war on refugee children – they just can’t seem to help themselves. Credit Steve Pearce’s latest immigration gaffes for getting us thinking about  what our local GOP has done in their war on immigrants in the past few years, and we found some obscene things. We compiled the top 10 xenophobic moments from New Mexico’s right-wing. What is it with the GOP and their hate of immigrants?