Abortion Bans Are About Power & Control of Women’s Bodies


For any one of us who has been a survivor of rape, molestation, sexual harassment or domestic violence, we have been told over and over that these forms of abuse take place because the abuser wants to assert power and control over our bodies.

Across the United States, there is an epidemic of politicians, governments and extremists who are trying to assert power and control over our bodies by means of banning abortion – a personal decision that should always remain between a person and their doctor.

By taking away our personal decision-making abilities, we are being stripped of respect, and being stripped of autonomy.

Anti-abortion extremists spend millions of dollars to shame, pressure, punish and harass us – proving that their interest is not about morals or religion: it’s about power and control.

Their interest is not about morals or religion: it’s about power and control

New Mexico has an old abortion ban on the books. Know the facts:

  • Abortion is currently safe and legal in New Mexico. But Supreme Court hearings to gut Roe v. Wade start as early as March. Should Roe v. Wade be overturned, New Mexico’s old abortion ban will become law.
  • The old abortion ban requires that all women – at any stage of pregnancy – beg for permission to have an abortion in front of a panel of strangers, including survivors of rape and incest.
  • If this panel of strangers decided a woman did not deserve an abortion, it would result in a forced pregnancy.


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