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“This is probably the most important organization in New Mexico to further the progressive movement that is needed statewide…” 

What’s your issue? Here are ours: Marijuana policy. Living wage. Fair elections. Criminal justice reform. Women’s health. 

We provide news you won’t read in the Albuquerque Journal, and power some of New Mexico’s most impactful campaigns for progress.
More than 100,000 New Mexican subscribers power ProgressNow: New Mexico’s voice for a new Progressive majority.

In 2010, the Tea Party movement inspired tens-of-thousands of anti-government conservatives to turnout and vote, carrying Susana Martinez and Dianna Duran to Santa Fe with their efforts.

By 2014, with Citizens United in full force, Republican Super PACs and dark money groups had trained cohorts of new poll workers and set records for special interest fundraising that fueled more negative ads than New Mexico had ever seen.

Those ads worked, discouraging progressives and keeping them home on Election Day.

Four years after the new conservative movement set sights on New Mexico they control the offices of the governor and secretary of state and, now, the House of Representatives.

In power, they pushed forward bills to lower minimum wage, pad the profits of for profit prison donors with more prisoners and proposed the most extreme anti-choice bills in the country, including bills to jail women seeking abortions for “tampering with evidence,” and even allowing the cashier at Walgreens and CVS to deny a woman birth control.

In 2012, we set out to stop this trend and now – in 2016 – we’ve built a new voice for the progressive politics in New Mexico.

New Mexico’s New Progressive Majority

What does ProgressNow do?  Here’s a snapshot from just one month:

Summer 2015

Hold the right-wing accountable (even when the Albuquerque Journal won’t):

Research that gets to the facts, telling you who paid and what they got:

Campaigns that inspire and turn out Progressives when it counts:

Our PAC raised and spent more than $133,000 to defend Progressive Champions against negative attacks in 2014 – we’ll double that in 2016.

And every year, our progressive voter guide is distributed to more than 10,000 voters helping them identify and vote for progressive champions on their ballot.

Join New Mexico’s new progressive majority!


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