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Standing Up for Public Lands

80% of New Mexicans believe that corruption is a problem and campaign donors have too much influence over elected officials.
Governor Martinez promised to run New Mexico differently than the way it had been done in the past; but six years later, the agenda of special interests have been allowed to put their agendas before ours, exploiting the public resources we’ve protected for generations for their short-term profit.
In 2016, our campaign put stories of Gov Martinez’s disastrous environmental record on the air forcing communities to demand action from decision makers.

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Holding them Accountable

Rep. Steve Pearce says he’s for public lands, but he consistently votes against public access, and clean air and water.
In 2017, we teamed up with conservation organizations for a billboard and ad campaign educating voters on Pearce’s real record opposing renewable energy and the jobs that come with it.

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Telling the Real Story

After she took huge campaign donations from oil and gas companies, Gov Martinez’s administration created a fake inspector to fast-track approvals of new oil drilling sites – including many later found to be unsafe.
We did the research and told the story with ads that reached thousands of New Mexico voters.

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Fact-checking the right-wing establishment and building voter participation is a year-round effort.  Our programs and campaigns rely on support from foundations and indviduals ready to build a more progressive New American Majority.  Donate now.

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