Pearce Distracts to Save His Sinking Ship

Pearce Distracts to Save His Sinking Ship

The Republican acts of desperation have begun and Republican Party Chairman Steve Pearce is acting as Trump’s clean-up crew for the November election. After Trump’s latest embarrassment in being outed for hiding the severity of COVID from the public, perhaps Pearce decided his party has nothing to stand on- so naturally, he tried to find a distraction to save his sinking ship.

Either Pearce has been living under a rock or he’s trying to repackage old news. Just yesterday, Steve, and Candidate for House District 47 Raye Byford, decided to distract the public, with information we already knew, and had the gall to make a request of resignation of Speaker Egolf. Yes, Speaker Egolf was subject to a tax lien… that was resolved… and reported on months ago… way to go, Steve. The Republican Party  is reflective of your leadership… and you’re way behind.

Perhaps Steve missed all the members of his own party who have been subject to tax liens? Let’s review:

HD4 Candidate Duncan
HD15 Candidate Ali Ennenga
HD20 Candidate Michael Hendricks
HD24 Candidate Amy Smith Maloy
HD39 Candidate Luis Terrazas
HD53 Candidate Ricky Little
SD23 Senator Sander Rue
SD28 Candidate James Williams
SD30 Candidate Joshua Sanchez
SD39 Candidate Joseph Tiano

Not only have these Republican candidates had tax liens – worse – some DID NOT disclose that information to the public when asked about it (for a more detailed listing see the end of this article).

Hypocrites. The Republican Party touts “morals” and can’t even muster enough courage to call out people in their own party. Why should New Mexicans trust them at the helm of leadership?

Given the logic of the Republican Party, Pearce should be calling on all the above elected/candidates to resign from their current position and/or races. Or, perhaps Pearce himself  should come forward in disclosing information about his shady business deals from 2015 when an FEC complaint was filed against him for “donating” to a PAC that he supposedly had no affiliation with, according to him (P.S. His brother ran both the PAC and the associated non-profit, you make your own conclusions about that one).

Pearce’s actions are clear:  Republicans are not about “doing what’s right.” They’re about what’s doing right for them.

This is about distraction. Distraction from the absolute mess the Trump administration has left this Country in, distraction from the conspiracy theories that NMGOP candidates are spouting (check out Stephanie Lord and Dinah Vargas), and worst but not least, the fact that the NMGOP has been traveling the state in a bus during a pandemic stopping from town to town with no masks.

Thanks NMGOP for once again not caring about the things that are actually worth caring about – like the health and safety of our community. Now, go back to your “morals” and let’s see some calls for the resignation of your colleagues.

Details of Republican Tax Liens

HD4 DUNCAN: NM Tax Lien ($1,327), Federal Tax Lien ($39K) (Did not disclose on NM Biz Survey)
HD15  ENNENGA: Tax Lien in the 1990s; Bankruptcy in the 1990s in TN
HD20 HENDRICKS: SC State Tax Lien ($395) (Did not disclose on NM Biz Survey)
HD24 MALOY SMITH: CA State Tax Liens ($4,607 and $3,149) (Did not disclose on NM Biz Survey)
HD39 TERRAZAS: Claim of Lien was Filed Against Luis Terrazas, Owner of Terrazas Funeral Chapel, for $4,111 for Unpaid Labor and Supplied Materials in 2004
HD53 LITTLE: Little’s Business Had Four Federal Tax Liens And Eight State Liens Filed Against It In New Mexico; Little’s Business Had Five Federal Tax Liens Filed Against It In Texas (Did Not Disclose on NM Biz Survey)
SD39 TIANO: Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2014. Nearly $400,000 in liabilities. Unsecured claims included several revolving debt credit cards totaling in the tens of thousands and two vehicles that were repossessed in 2013.
SD23 RUE: NM tax lien ($5000)
SD28 WILLIAMS: Williams’ Propane business has had multiple federal and state tax liens (over $85,000)
SD30 SANCHEZ:  Sanchez Demolition, NM tax lien ($51,000) in 2015

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