PEET-zuh for Progress

PEET-zuh for Progress

My, how the time flies… like beer bottles off Susana Martinez’s Christmas party balcony! Today, we celebrate FIVE years since the most epic PEET-zuh party was ever thrown by the former GOP Governor. A celebration so rowdy and controversial, it launched Susana (and ProgressNow’s reporting) into the national spotlight. Indeed, it was ProgressNow New Mexico’s trusted reporting that brought light to the winter season darkness… a bit of holiday joy wrapped up in a small media package and delivered to your news feed.

Our staffers Marianna and Lucas just so happen to have twin birthdays this weekend. When asked what they wanted… A PEET-zuh party fundraiser for ProgressNow NM! So, today we invite you to pour out some parmesan and give the gift of PEET-zuh for Progress– a ProgressNow New Mexico fundraiser to continue to bring you local, New Mexico-specific political chisme and social change!

In return, we promise to keep holding folks accountable, and exposing politicians who use their positions for power, profit and gain.

Now, let’s all pour out some coke for former Governor Martinez and #PartyLikeSusana. Thanks for the fundraising platform, Gov! The gift that keeps on giving.

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