TONIGHT! Tell Heather Wilson We Won’t Tolerate Her Tolerating Bullying

Heather Wilson joined the pro-bully caucus in April when she said she told voters at a form that she “tolerates” bullying of our kids.  We know better.  Following a wave of highly publicized suicides by children who were targets of bullies, the world came together to say “It Gets Better.”   Heather Wilson took another stance.  

She refused to endorse legislation requiring schools to create and enforce anti-bullying policies.  

No one who bullies should be tolerated.  

Tonight is the last NM Senate debate AND IT’S TELEVISED AND PUBLIC.  

JOIN US AT SANDIA HIGH SCHOOL AT 6:00 TO TELL HEATHER WILSON WE WON’T TOLERATE HER IF SHE TOLERATES BULLYING.  Let’s ask Heather why she tolerates bullying that leads to child suicides.

Got Debt? Thank Heather Wilson.

Former Congresswoman Heather Wilson is beating the “fiscal conservative” drum in her current US Senate race.  On her website, Wilson says “Washington is spending money we don’t have…  Our national debt has increased by more than one-third…”  



Problem is, Wilson neglects to note her very important role in creating the fiscal crisis she now claims to laud.  

Throughout her career Heather Wilson’s voting record has been very consistent. If she could be lauded for anything it would be her steadfast commitment to favoring wealthy special interest groups over hard-working lower and middle class New Mexico families.  

Heather Wilson, “the fiscal conservative,” has consistently voted to plunge our nation further in debt while rewarding millionaires with exemptions that ultimately cost the working class.

Heinrich leads Wilson by 9, Makes 50% as Wilson negatives increase

Martin Heinrich’s lead over Heather Wilson has expanded to 9 points – widening by 5 points since May – as Wilson’s negatives continue to rise, according to a new polling memo obtained by ProgressNowNM.  

Heinrich, the current Dem. congressman from the Albuquerque-area 1st Congressional District, also earned 50% of support from likely voters for the first time since polling began in the race.  

Among the key findings of the poll:


As voters have learned more about Wilson, their views of her have grown more negative and their willingness to support her in November has declined – leaving Martin Heinrich in a strong position heading into the fall campaign.  

Voters clearly perceive Wilson as more of a creature of Washington DC, and more captive to its special interests, than they do Heinrich.

SOS Third Party Suppression

NM Secretary of State “data error” kicks Libertarian and Independent off ballot

Voter Suppression in New Mexico Under Dianna Duran

March 2011:  
SOS claims to have found 64,000 illegally registered voters through database match with MVD license records.   Duran later withdrew the claim after she could not provide evidence of her claim. 
June 2012:  
SOS eliminates straight party voting, a voting method used by 41% voters (approximately 250,000) in the last election.  
July 2012:  
Duran joins others Secretaries of State asking for access to federal immigration databases to compare to state voter rolls.  News reports later report that the database cannot be used to accurately identify voters.  
August 2012:  
Duran inactivates 177,000+ registered voters for being non-residents or non-voters.  Among those to first receive the purge notice is the state’s voting rights director, a lifelong resident and voter.  
August 2012: 
SOS bars Libertarian and IAP candidates from the ballot after her office accidentally disqualified hundreds of valid nominating signatures.  The Libertarian candidate is restored after a hand review.  The SOS’s office refused to conduct that search for the IAP candidate.  

New Mexico’s Republican Secretary of State has gone to extraordinary lengths to exclude conservative-leaning minority parties from November’s general election, a move that bolsters razor-thin margins for Republican Heather Wilson in the upcoming US Senate race unless a legal challenge can overcome it.

Ad Wars Expand to Southern New Mexico with New TV Spots




With ads heating up, independent polls have been gauging which candidate for the United States Senate race resonates most with New Mexican voters.  One recent poll found that Albuquerque-based ads regarding Wilson and her support to pardon oil companies from polluting New Mexico’s drinking water have already “voters to adopt a more negative perception of GOP nominee Heather Wilson.” This week we learn that another of the environmental groups behind the ads is expanding their efforts with the purchase of ad time in the El Paso media market covering Southern New Mexico. Two new ads, “Who’s Wilson With?” and “We’re All Paying For It,” airing now in connection with multiple mail pieces and online advertising supporting Martin Heinrich for U.S. senate, it is easy to see that the unfavorable view that New Mexico voters hold for Wilson will only continue to grow. Despite out spending Democrat Martin Heinrich, Wilson has fallen behind in the race polls with 45, while Heinrich leads with 49 percent. Coupled with the growing reservations about Wilson and drop in favorability, New Mexican voters are revealing that their support for Wilson is quickly declining.

Heather Wilson Attempts to Re-Write History

Heather Wilson Attempts to Re-Write History
Senate hopeful and Karl Rove’s friend Heather Wilson is in the process of re-writing her own history, hoping that nobody will notice that she’s outright lying. BuzzFeed, NM Telegram and others today report that “Former Congresswoman Heather Wilson says she’s never supported privatizing Social Security, but her record indicates an openness to doing just that. “In a Facebook post Monday, the New Mexico Senate candidate wrote that she’s always opposed efforts to privatize the public insurance program.” Source:
Well, ProgressNow New Mexico can add a bundle of extra evidence to prove that Wilson is now trying to cover up her work with the Bush Administration to privatize Social Security, showing that she is bald-face lying.  Here’s a selection:
·       Wilson Advocates Gradually Moving To A System Of “Personalized” Retirement Accounts. [Albuquerque Journal, 10/8/00]
o   “[Wilson] advocates gradually moving to a system of ‘personalized’ retirement accounts that allows Generation Xers and younger people to determine how some of their Social Security money is invested.

New SuperPAC Ad Full of Footage Group Said They Couldn’t Legally Obtain

New SuperPAC Ad Full of Footage Group Said They Couldn’t Legally Obtain
Similar 2010 ad resulted in FEC investigation, still pending
Posted by ProgressNowNM, June 7, 2012

It’s not often you see a positive ad from the conservative Super PAC American Crossroads.   The group, led by former George W. Bush advisor Karl Rove is notorious for “swiftboating” John Kerry in the 2004 presidential campaign and for countless similar ads since.  Independent expenditure groups mostly focus on negative ads against opponents, says American Crossroads President and CEO Steven Law, because “we can’t coordinate… and, of course, we don’t have original footage, which I think is the key issue that drives the success of a positive ad.”  

But their latest ad, “Vision,” hitting New Mexico airwaves this week is a notable




exception.  The ad is 100% pro-Heather Wilson.  That should come as no surprise given that Wilson served on the board of American Crossroads with Karl Rove after her defeat in New Mexico’s first congressional district in 2010.  

The new ad also raises a big question:


How did American Crossroads obtain all of that great “face to the camera” footage of Wilson without coordinating?  


With a quick search in, the online catalog of campaign archives and news reports about Heather Wilson, ProgressNow NM found that some of the footage appeared in campaign ads (here and here) from Wilson’s failed 2008 senate campaign. 


However, not all of it is available in the public domain. Instead, the new 2012 SuperPAC ad is cut from the same raw footage as Wilson’s campaign ad.




ProgressNow New Mexico has uncovered documents showing that former-congresswoman and current US Senate candidate Heather Wilson has been named in a “pay-to-play” investigation being conducted by the New Mexico Attorney General’s Office.  

You might remember way back in 2008 when news reports questioned the use of federal grants earmarked by Wilson to the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department that ended up at a company owned by Wilson campaign donors.  

Now, ProgressNow New Mexico has learned that New Mexico’s Attorney General has been conducting an investigation and both Heather Wilson and then-sheriff Darren White were called in for questioning.  

The Albuquerque Journal and others reported on the story in 2011 but never fully explored the extent of the scandal. We did.

FACT CHECK: Wilson gets it wrong on outside spending

FACT CHECK:  Wilson gets it wrong on outside spending

During an interview published earlier this week, US Senate candidate Heather Wilson told KRWG of Las Cruces “the biggest spender on American elections are the unions…”  

Problem is, they aren’t.  And not by a long shot.  According to a 2012 report from the Center on Responsive Politics “Whatever slice you look at, business interests dominate, with an overall advantage over organized labor of about 15-to-1.”  

Heather Wilson got it wrong on this issue. That’s surprising because she served on the board of Crossroads GPS, the infamous Karl Rove-backed Super PAC which the New York Times reports is expected to spend more than $100 million this year to influence elections in support of conservative candidates.  Rove and Wilson have appeared together in public regularly, including at a Republican dinner in Colorado in June 2011 and Rove headlined a Heather Wilson fundraiser in New Mexico in August 2011.  



Watch Wilson’s remarks for yourself.