Recent Stories

The Seeds of Rural Resilience: A Summit on Community Food Sovereignty and Regenerative Agriculture

We invite all Rural Coalition members, farmers, ranchers, agency partners, and our friends working toward sustainable agriculture to explore how contemporary approaches to such challenges as climate change, sustainable livestock, local food, organic agriculture, fisheries, food safety, and drought intersect with holistic models emerging in rural communities around community food sovereignty and regenerative agriculture. Our Seeds of Rural Resilience Summit, hosted by the Town of Atrisco Land Grant, a traditional, selfgoverning farm and ranch community, will emphasize innovation, collaboration, and intergenerational knowledge transfer. We will explore how historical and traditional knowledge related to regenerative agricultural practices, especially acequia culture, land tenure, and conservation, relate to farm programs or could inform program adjustments and changes to secure more holistic and durable results. South Valley Multi-purpose Senior Center
2008 Larrazolo Rd SW, Albuquerque, NM 87105

NM 420 Education Music and Arts Festival

New Mexico 420 Education, Music and Arts Festival is dedicated towards building an inclusive engaged community that promotes equality to economic justice. Access to various programs, improved education and to raise awareness of the critical issues facing New Mexico as well as the Nation!

YWU Legislative Debrief Cafécito

The 2017 Legislative session is over. We want to share the bills our community collectively worked hard to pass through and also give you a chance to support with the next steps of each bill. Please join us for food, coffee&tea, information and community building

24th Annual César Chávez Day

On Saturday, April 1, 2017, the Recuerda a César Chávez Committee (RCCC) –a not-for-profit, volunteer-led organization– is thrilled to host the 24th Annual César Chávez Day celebration in Albuquerque! The legendary Dolores Huerta will be our honored guest and keynote speaker!

Voice of the Public with Senator Tom Udall

Sen. Tom Udall will be taking questions from the public live on KRWG FM in Las Cruces and surrounding areas on Thursday, March 30. If you’re not in the local listening area you can tune into KRWG online here. Udall has been working hard to push back against the new Trump administration and continues to fight for New Mexican’s at the federal level. Tune in so you can hear what he’s got to say and call in with questions.

Power Through Knowledge – Community Collaboration

CALLING ALL ADVOCATES, ALLIES, ACTIVISTS AND ORGANIZERS… Power Through Peace would like to invite you and your organization to be part of a Direct Action Network serving our community of Albuquerque. If you are concerned about human rights issues, come find out how to get involved with the key advocates in our community. We invite you to join us in becoming a strong and consistent group of individuals that prioritize and inspire direct action within our community on a weekly basis. If you consider yourself an ally, advocate, activist or organizer, we are welcoming you wholeheartedly to sit in on this event and share your thoughts on how we can keep building on this movement.