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Rep. Steve Pearce Las Cruces Town Hall

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This Saturday, Congressman Steve Pearce will be in Las Cruces for a town hall meeting. We hope to have as many good progressive voters as possible show up to keep the pressure on Pearce (who knows how long we’ll have to wait to see him in Dona Ana County again). We’ve prepared this one-page sheet for your convenience to have a little background on some of his most notable positions on issues we know you care about. Feel free to print it out and bring it along, or just save it to your phone so you can ask well-informed questions on Saturday! read more of our stories on Steve Pearce here

[Scroll down for the address and time information]

Peaceful action planned at Las Cruces office of Congressman Steve Pearce

Press Alert

Peaceful action planned at Las Cruces office of Congressman Steve Pearce

570 N Telshor Blvd, Las Cruces, NM 88011

1:30 PM MST

Thursday, February 16th. Today, Thursday February 16, there will be a peaceful action at the Las Cruces office of Congressman Steve Pearce at 1:30 pm. This action is aimed at delivering letters airing a variety of concerns and to ask the Congressman to come to where his constituents are to hold face-to-face meetings. A number of folks from around CD 2 are planning on attending this action as many communities do not have a staffed office in their towns to speak with congressional staff directly. The Congressman held a teleconference last night where he failed to address many hundreds of people’s concerns, as well as failed to commit to organizing any town hall meetings in the district.

Steve Pearce launches last minute push to take over Albuquerque Public Schools

Rep. Steve Pearce is at it again, this time meddling in the nonpartisan Albuquerque Public Schools and Central New Mexico Community College elections. This week Albuquerque Republicans began receiving a robocall from Pearce instructing them to vote for Republican candidates in their district in the upcoming February 7 election, so Republicans can take back the public school system in Albuquerque. After receiving several tips about the calls, ProgressNow New Mexico’s researchers were able to contact a Republican voter in Albuquerque who did not approve of Pearce’s – whose southern New Mexico Congressional doesn’t cover Albuquerque – intrusion into APS and CNM matters. The calls were traced to Republican Party Headquarters in Albuquerque.  Staff at the party confirmed the calls.

Gov. Steve Pearce? Trump victory gives Pearce new inspiration

Gov. Martinez is a lame duck and her approval ratings are below 50% and stuck there. That’s not good news for her future political prospects but it does mean candidates who want to take over have a ready narrative: I can fix what she couldn’t. New Mexico’s lone Republican Congressman thinks that – coupled with Trump’s victory – might give him the statewide edge he didn’t have when he ran for US Senate against now-Senator Tom Udall. Here’s the math that Pearce is likely considering
Pearce easily won reelection this year with 142,773 votes (62%) of support from his Southern New Mexico Congressional District.  If he can consolidate that support and expand it to include the 94,874 Trump voters in heavily-populated Bernalillo County, Pearce could lock up 80% of Governor Martinez’s 293,000 statewide re-election votes in 2014.

Just in: Steve Pearce backs Trump’s attacks on Muslim soldier, parents

While Republicans nationwide are scrambling to distance themselves from Donald Trump’s unapologetic attack on the parents of a hero American soldier who died in service of our country, New Mexico’s own Congressman Steve Pearce doesn’t just approve of Trump’s statements, he implies that he would say the same thing.  

.@RepStevePearce says he’s OK with Trumps comments on slain soldier’s parents.
— NM Political Report (@NMreport) August 4, 2016
Read the full story at the New Mexico Political Report.  

New Mexicans who follow ProgressNow already knew that Steve Pearce was going full-on Trump in 2016. Even before Trump was the nominee, we were profiling the cozy relationship between Steve Pearce and Donald Trump.

Here are 3 things Steve Pearce could do to actually stand up to terrorists with guns

“Thoughts and prayers are not enough. And it’s time for action.”
Those are the words heard once more on the floor of the US House of Representatives after another mass shooting.  But this time those words meant a little more because they came from a surprising source: a Republican. GOP Rep. Bob Dold (R.-Ill) made news by being a Republican willing to call for common-sense gun laws.  But he’s basically the only one.

Amy Schumer calls out Steve Pearce in hilarious gun safety video

Late night TV doesn’t often take on weighty topics, but when they do it is much watch TV. You’ve probably seen comedian Amy Schumer on Saturday Night Live, in one of her many stand up shows or in her own Comedy Central show, Inside Amy Schumer and it had a unique New Mexico message. A few months back we profiled Rep. Steve Pearce’s big campaign payday from the NRA and gun lobbyists in our report, “Rep. Steve Pearce took $112,931 from NRA, gun groups to stay silent on shootings.” This week, in a four-minute clip  you have to see, Schumer spoofs the Home Shopping Network as she and a c0-host sell guns. When a convicted felon calls in expressing his disappointment that he can’t buy a gun, they simply put up a sign and – voila!