PNM Study: closing coal plant will save ratepayers $445 million

A new analysis by PNM shows that divesting from the Four Corners Power Plant will save electricity ratepayers $445,682,093, says Santa Fe-based New Energy Economy. For more than a decade, Santa Fe-based New Energy Economy has been pushing New Mexico’s largest electric utility to divest from coal and convert to a 100% renewable energy portfolio. NEE has always argued that doing so wasn’t just the environmentally responsible thing to do, it was cheaper for electricity users (ratepayers) like you and me, too. But New Energy Economy says PNM refused to do the analysis that proved it so New Energy Economy pressed the state’s Public Regulation Commission to order PNM to provide the data.  It turns out, NEE was right.

ALEC unveils Const. Amendment to let Gov’s, Legislatures pick US Senators; DeVos, Kochs and others to discuss at ALEC conference this week

Republicans control 32 of 50 state legislatures and 33 governors’ mansions. Now they want to lock in control of the US Senate, too. The Center for Media and Democracy has been one of the nation’s foremost critics of the secretive corporate dating service for legislators: ALEC.  The bill factory brings corporations and state legislators together at posh retreats to write “model bills” helping corporations’ bottom lines and, in return, ALEC works to help conservative legislators maintain majorities in state legislatures. With a majority of state legislatures in Republican hands in 2010, the GOP redrew the lines giving them huge advantages in Congressional and state legislative races, but a new Democratic surge in response to President Trump threatens to reduce their majorities in several swing states.

Secretary of State Maggie Tolouse Oliver has new rules to stop dark money in New Mexico – here’s how you can help

Out-of-state special interests are trying to deny New Mexicans their right to know. But you can stop them! “New Mexicans expect and deserve a modern, efficient twenty-first century campaign finance system, and with this rule I’m pushing to make that a reality,” said Secretary of State Toulouse Oliver.  “This rule will provide much needed clarity and guidance to help candidates, elected officials, and political committees comply with the law.”

See the full proposed rules here. Thanks to our friends at Common Cause NM for this important message: 

The NM Secretary of State has proposed new regulations to shine a light on dark money, but a group backed by the Koch brothers is pouring money into our state to mislead citizens about the proposal. Stand up against big money and tell the SOS you support disclosure now!

ALEC’s ‘State Chair of the Year’ will now run for Congress in New Mexico


ALEC, the secretive organization marrying corporations and legislators to create pro-corporate bills, named it’s New Mexico state chairperson their “Chair of the Year” in 2015 for her work pushing corporate agendas through the State Legislature. Now its 2017 and she plans to use all that state legislative experience as a platform to run for Congress in the open Congressional seat vacated by Steve Pearce who just announced he is running for governor in 2018.  

Who is Yvette Herrell? Most New Mexicans outside of the legislature have never heard of Herrell, but conservative special interests and corporate lobbyists have her on speed dial. The Alamogordo-area Republican was first elected to the State Legislature in 2010 after winning the primary and facing no Democratic opponent.

Did Pearce distort his “humble beginnings” in his campaign launch?

Steve Pearce made it official on Monday. Pearce will be vacating his $174,000 congressional job in an attempt to pick up a $110,000 gig as governor. Those salaries may not mean much to a man who has consistently ranked among the richest members of Congress, but being a rich oil executive doesn’t help you relate to voters so Pearce pointed to his parents’ humble beginnings in his campaign announcement this week. (Hat Tip to a reader who spotted this  and sent it to us!)
“Steve grew up south of Hobbs as one of six kids. His parents did everything possible to provide for him and his siblings while earning a $2.62 hourly wage.

NEW: Steve Pearce will run for governor in 2018

Pearce, one of the richest members of Congress, has also staked out some of the most extreme positions on issues voters outside of his conservative leaning Southern New Mexico Congressional district aren’t likely to agree with, like saying poor seniors should stay healthy until they are old enough for Medicaid, or that women should “voluntarily submit” to their husbands.

These 3 facts show how the Senate healthcare repeal impacts real New Mexicans (including you)

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) desperately wanted to have the US Senate vote on healthcare repeal before the July 4th recess because he was afraid that healthcare supporters (everyone but the 12% of Americans who approve of the bill) would have time to organize opposition. It turns out he was right, and for good reason. As healthcare experts and advocacy groups learn more about the bill, the worse the plan looks for average Americans, including hundreds-of-thousands of New Mexicans who would lose access to care. Need a quick update?  Here are three simple stats that explain just what the Republican Senate healthcare bill would mean to New Mexicans.

Your vagina is STILL under attack

It’s been one year since the SCOTUS landmark ruling that determined that the government does not get to create unrealistic and ridiculous rules for abortion providers or halt access to abortion. Last year’s victory in Whole Woman’s Health v Hellerstedt is truly something to be celebrated because of what it means for women, families, and abortion access across our country. Our friends at Planned Parenthood have summed up what this really means for us.

[Sign Thank You Card] Maggie Toulouse Oliver says ‘no’ to giving our personal voter data to Trump’s sham panel

Maggie Toulouse Oliver was among the first secretaries of state to say no a request from Trump’s sham voter fraud panel for the personal social security numbers, voter history and personal data of more than a million New Mexico voters. At least a dozen chief elections officers around the country have since joined. “I will never release the personally identifiable information of New Mexico voters protected by law, including their social security number and birthdate. Further, I will not release any other voter information like names, addresses or voting history unless and until I am convinced the information will not be used for nefarious or unlawful purposes, and only if I am provided a clear plan for how it will be secured. As New Mexico’s Chief Election Official, I will continue to ensure the integrity of our elections while protecting the voting rights and personal privacy of our voters.”


When President Trump announced his Advisory Commission on Election Integrity earlier this year, Secretary of State Toulouse Oliver released this statement:


“If President Trump truly wants to boost Americans’ confidence in the integrity of our elections, he should stop making false claims of rampant voter fraud.   President Trump’s voter fraud allegations are simply not true and they are doing real damage to our democracy.

What your ovaries need to know…

We’d like to take this opportunity to ensure that you and your ovaries are up to date on any new potential laws and studies that could impact your ability to decide what you do with them – and yes – we also want to make sure that our non-ovary carrying allies are up to date too.