Say No To Mark Moores for NM Congressional District 1

Say No To Mark Moores for NM Congressional District 1

Mark Absent

State Senator Mark Moores was recently named one of New Mexico’s most absent legislators by a non-partisan group. During the 2021 state legislative session, he ducked roll call votes on legislation important to people of color and the LGBTQIA+ communities such as the Black Education Act, Native American Polling Place Protection, Institutional Racism in State Agencies, and Gender and Orientation Data Collection.

Take a look at Moores’ poor attendance record here. 

Moores Voted Against Reproductive Justice

The New Mexico 2021 legislative session had a big win for reproductive justice, years in the making. The now more progressive Democratic caucus repealed New Mexico’s  outdated 1969 abortion ban. This vote reflects the values of New Mexico families who respect the rights of individuals to make their own pregnancy decisions.  

Out of touch with New Mexico values, Mark Moores voted against the abortion ban repeal 

Moores Rescues . . . Himself

While the US is still in the midst of the health and economic crises caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Mark Moores opposes the American Rescue Plan, President Biden’s far-reaching economic stimulus, paid sick leave, and infrastructure investment plan. While using tired GOP scare tactics like fear of  “the deficit” and “bailouts” as reasons not to support the American Rescue Plan,  he was sure to get in line for nearly $2 million in taxpayer-funded loans for his business when the getting was good (for him).

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