Legislative round up 2018- Here’s all the people who worked against women and access to healthcare this year

This year’s 30-day session saw a litany of conservative attempts to once again limit women’s reproductive options in New Mexico by pushing for laws that interfere with personal reproductive health care decisions and that reinforce shame and stigma. Thankfully the progressive majority in both the House and Senate held such arcane bills at bay in committees, keeping reproductive choice in the hands of families who are the sole deciders of their health decisions. In this election year, it’s important that we remain focused on who these obstructionist legislators are so that voters can help move New Mexico forward in assuring women and families have access to whatever healthcare options are right for them, up to and including abortion. Every Representative above voted to restrict access to abortion in some form this year, and in years past. That includes Democratic Representatives Debbie Rodella and Carl Trujillo. 
Some “highlights” of the session include when Minority Leader Nate Gentry attempted to politicize a visit from Albuquerque Police Officer Ryan Holets.

“We must protect access to abortion as a reproductive right contained in the Democratic Party Platform. Lip service won’t suffice.”

Progressive leaders from within the ProgressNow network are speaking in one loud voice: The Democratic National Committee must respect women and support reproductive rights, including abortion, at every level. 18 Executive Directors from across the country sent an open letter to the DNC leadership last month calling on the trust and respect women to make their own healthcare decisions and to not compromise at all with a Republican party bent on the total and absolute outlawing of abortion. From the letter:
As progressives, it isn’t enough for us just to oppose Republican policies or promote reproductive rights when we are directly under attack. We must stand for a vision that speaks to fundamental values of autonomy, equity, liberty and self-determination and fight for an America where people can access the medical care they deserve based on their own judgment, including abortions. Trusting and equipping women to regulate their own reproductive lives is fundamental to achieving the kind of gender, race and economic equity that the Democratic Party articulates as its key values.

12-Month Supply Contraception Bill Passes in the House

Another win for women: the Health Coverage for Contraception Bill (HB 284) sponsored by Rep. Debbie Armstrong is on its way to the Judiciary Committee. The aim of the measure is to update the state’s existing law to ensure that the full range of contraceptive options is covered by insurance companies without out-of-pocket costs or medically unnecessary restrictions. The bill will improve access to contraception by covering access for both women and men by making it possible for them to acquire a year’s worth of their contraception with one prescription. READ MORE about today’s hearing at the NM Political Report. There are several reproductive bills to watch during the 2017 New Mexico Legislative Session, follow the progress by clicking here.

As the Journal misleads about reproductive health, these watchdogs are pushing back

Did you know there’s an entire website devoted to holding the ABQ Journal accountable? ABQ Journal Watch has been going for years but in recent months they’ve kicked up their watchdogging on the reproductive health beat, particularly because the Journal’s coverage of issues like the discredited undercover videos of Planned Parenthood and the ongoing congressional witch-hunt into abortion providers has been so obviously biased. We’re going to start re-printing some of the ABQ Journal Watch’s stories here on our website to make sure you don’t miss a thing. The story below is from last month but its analysis continues to be extremely relevant:
Politicizing The News: Albuquerque Journal uses front page to launch its latest political campaign
by Arthur Alpert

The Journal favors restricting abortion rights. How do I know this?